1. Client

    Florijanović winery is located on Moslavina highlands overlooking Lonjsko polje, at 140-170 m above sea level, exclusively in the southern and southeastern slopes, are located 5 hectares of vineyards of the Florijanović family.

  2. Business Challenge

    Main challenge of this project was brand awareness to enhance their online presence in Croatia and surrounding countries.

  3. Solution

    Our team provided strategic consulting, brand development, visual identity and development of new web platform. We are responsible for everything connected with Florijanović winery in offline and online world. We are also providing ongoing support and web analytics.

  4. Client’s goals

    Florijanović winery wanted to enhance their presence in Croatia.

  5. Implementation

    Whole project is still ongoing while our CEO Marko has become Marketing manager for Florijanović winery.

  6. Value Delivered

    Div3r delivered and launched new web application, new brand identity, new wine labels and many other promo materials. Florijanović winery grown sales and has become recognizable brand.

  7. Results

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