1. Client

    FABEMA METALI is known as leading wholesaler and retailer of ferrous metallurgy products.

  2. Business Challenge

    The challenge was that FABEMA METALI needed integration of ERP system with few custom integrations. Beyond being modular and scalable, they needed a platform with high availability and multi-device compatibility

  3. Solution

    Our team provided strategic consulting, solution concept and development of new platform. We were responsible for launch of the platform and providing ongoing support and web analytics. Div3r is also responsible for digital media strategy of FABEMA METALI online presence throgh all channels of sale.

  4. Client’s goals

    FABEMA METALI wanted to enhance web presence for new target audience, with fast and SEO optimized e-commerce platform.

  5. Implementation

    This project focus is positioning on SERP first place.

  6. Value Delivered

    Div3r delivered and launched new standardized, optimized and customized web application up to customer needs.

  7. Results