Web development

Web development

Term web development is best connected with terms frontend and backend. Frontend development is client-side consists od everything that users see and interacts in web browser while backend is part of website that users don't see, and is best described as server side of the website. It stores and organizes data, and makes sure everything on the client-side of the website works as intended.

Top notch technologies

We create our digital products in PHP (Symfony) for best custom experiences, modular solutions built for growth, speed and safety and supported by top-end agencies worldwide. Our custom e-commerce solutions provide buying of product in 3-4 clicks of mouse.

How we do it?

Through extensive collaboration we get to know everything about your business - on all levels of your organization, and your target audience. Next phase is keyword research depending on your organization and trends.

Our websites are written in semantically correct HTML5 and fluid responsive CSS3 based on W3C standards which then perfectly renders on every mobile and desktop browsers. Data security is our priority so every website is secured with SSL certificate.

Search engine optimization (SEO) approach is what makes us different. We're trying to keep up with all important SEO algorythms and rules, and result is ranking higher on the search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing) result pages. In that way your website gains more terget visitors (traffic).

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