Web design UX & UI

The most common term connected with people while thinking that they need new website. We do not love this term, but people do. But as we love making new desings and websites, we will try to simplify whole process to You.

The UX & UI

UX (User Experience) design is the process of creating products systems or services that provide meaningful and relevant experience to users. Understanding user behavior and psychology, knowing a lot about interface ergonomics and able to analyze business needs to convert it into user flows.

The User Interface (UI) takes care of how the interface reflects the brand. Colors and color combinations, know how to read brand books and convert them into UI elements.

UX is how something is going and should be used while UI gives life to those ideas and makes them usable and beautiful to look at.

First key feature of UX is speed, Your website needs to be fast! No one likes to wait for website to load. Second thing is visual attraction, it's first thing that attract user when website loads.Last important thing is hierarchy tree. No one like more than 3 clicks to find information they are looking for.

Google is today No.1 search engine in the world. Website should be built from another perspective, from search engine perspective.

Internet today is full of "themed" websites, because it's easy to buy theme for 10$ - 50$ and copy/paste user content into theme, and there you have new website! Main disadvantage of websites like that is background that users dont see. Large amount of no need code, and lack of use of semanthic code and all websites almost looks the same.

Few hard facts:

  • 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load.
  • 1 out of 2 people expects a page to load in less than 1 seconds.
  • 46% of consumers say that waiting for pages to load is what they dislike the most while browsing the mobile web.
Let's make fast website

Mobile first

Statistics says that more than 80% websites visits are from smartphones. More than one third of usery use ONLY mobile device to read emails.

To keep up with this trend your new website should be mobile ready. This includes building a fast website, pixel perfect design, awesome UX starting from mobile resolution, through tablet resolutions ending with desktop and TV resolutions.

Give me best experience